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Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Fulfillment Center

Laws in the European Union and several U.S. states provide a data subject (a person) with the right to see the personal data a business has on them, in addition to knowing how that business is using the data. A person can exercise these rights by making a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) to a business holding their data. Is your organization able to comply?

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Virtual DPO

For those businesses wishing to outsource their data protection office, we assess and identify all related regulatory needs and assign one of our highly experienced DPOs to the company who is then responsible for interfacing and liaising with all relevant departments and stakeholders to develop necessary and critical communication channels and the effective use of our vast data protection resources. Where requested, we also serve as the DPO of record with all required Data Protection Authorities. Our goal is to serve as an integrated and active DPO, while ensuring critical DPO advisory “independence” and “autonomy.”

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