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Advisori is a Managed Data Protection Service (MDPS) delivering end-to-end data protection office (DPO) functions as a service. Our services are predicated on state-of-the-art PrivacyOps technologies and managed by our industry-leading privacy experts who have hands-on experience building and maintaining a world-class global data protection office.



Advisori was founded by a former Global Data Protection Officer who built and led the data protection office of a leading Fortune 500 hospitality company. Our team includes privacy lawyers and practitioners with specialties in data discovery; classification; mapping, and governance; data subject access request fulfillment; data privacy impact assessments; and Article 30 Records of Processing operations. We know how to build, operate, and maintain a global data protection office because we have done exactly that.


Through our real-world experiences, we have developed effective and actionable DPO playbooks, which empower us to design and deliver sophisticated and tailored services based on our clients’ specialized needs and budgets.

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Our services are based on SECURITI.ai’s advanced PrivacyOps platform. Leveraging these advanced technical capabilities we are able to automate critical DPO functions to include: data discovery; classification, and mapping; consent management; data privacy impact assessments; and GDPR Article 30 Reporting.

By strategically aligning our people, processes, and technologies, we create custom-tailored data protection solutions for our clients, making their data protection offices better, faster, and more cost-effective.

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