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Advisori was founded in 2020 by Hilton Hotel’s former Global Data Protection Officer, who built and led Hilton Hilton’s data protection office. 

Our People 


We Understand that managing the numerous and various tasks of a privacy office can be overwhelming. We are attorneys, privacy officers, and data protection officers with deep experiences in the legal, technical, and operational aspects of data protection and privacy.  Moreover, we have worked in numerous jurisdictions and multiple industries, developing deep expertise in all areas of data protection and privacy. Our experts can handle all your privacy needs or augment your current team of professionals.  

Our People

Our Processes  

Our experiences working with clients in many different jurisdictions and multiple industries has proven that clear and concise written personal data handling processes and procedures are essential for organizations to ensure they are handling customer and employee data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We have developed robust data protection and privacy playbooks for all privacy office functionsIn addition to ensuring regulatory compliance, tested and proven data protection processes help automate critical privacy functions, resulting in increased efficiencies and decreased expenses.   

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