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Advisori understands that finding well-experienced privacy counsel is becoming increasingly difficult as privacy laws and regulations are proliferating around the globe and there are few attorneys with substantive privacy law experience. Our founding mission is to provide corporate legal departments with the best and brightest privacy lawyers via a business model focused on the delivery of high-quality services at lower costs to our clients. We are able to do this because our people are focused on one thing: data privacy and protection.

Because we specialize in data protection and privacy, our attorneys have deep legal experience with global privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and US state privacy laws including the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”). Moreover, we have worked in multiple industries including hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, and many others. And, unlike legal staffing agencies, Advisori attorneys are a part of the Advisori team. Our attorneys benefit from weekly supervision from a senior privacy attorney manager; we have a massive index of privacy legal research and privacy-related artifacts, and our attorneys receive ongoing privacy law education and training.

Working with many clients in multiple industries, we have organized our services into three distinct packages, which have shown to best fit our clients’ needs: corporate privacy counsel, secondment attorneys, and project privacy counsel.

First, we take the time to understand our clients and their needs.

Corporate Privacy Counsel

Advisori offers corporate privacy counsels ready and able to handle a diverse set of privacy responsibilities, with special emphasis on the privacy laws and regulations governing your business. Our privacy counsels are essential to advising business groups on legal and policy issues related to data privacy and protection, including the development and marketing of products and services to assure compliance with privacy and data protection laws. We apply our deep knowledge of international and domestic privacy laws and regulations to provide strategic advice and counsel to all levels of the corporate organization chart.


Secondment Counsel

Advisori privacy attorneys are available on a secondment basis.

What is a secondment?

A secondment with an Advisori attorney provides flexible access to top legal privacy talent with the institutional knowledge necessary to make an immediate contribution to our clients’ legal teams. Under a secondment, we temporarily assign an Advisori lawyer(s) to your organization. This can be for a set period of time or the completion of a particular project. Secondments vary in length and our dependent on our client’s needs.

Unlike most secondments, our secondment attorneys meet weekly with senior Advisori privacy attorney managers for guidance and supervision and have access Advisori resources (our legal research library, privacy and data protection playbooks, privacy document templates, etc.) to assist our clients and to increase efficiencies.

Clients typically utilize our attorneys on a secondment basis to fill gaps in an organization chart, help with overflow, manage regulatory responses, provide specialized expertise, work to meet tight deadlines, and support complex privacy projects.


Project Attorneys

Advisori Privacy Project Attorneys meet a variety of specialized privacy business needs.

Our project attorneys step in to assist with both large and small privacy initiatives. For instance, we have developed, implemented, and managed standard contractual clause remediation programs; assisted with massive data breach incident response and reporting efforts, assisted with data subject access request fulfillment, and numerous other privacy projects.

Our project attorneys also have the necessary to lead project development and scoping efforts and construct related project plans and playbooks. We can also manage the program by providing real-time project progress and task completion metrics.

In sum, Advisori professionals can serve as corporate privacy counsel, supplement existing legal staff, or even design and manage legal projects from start to finish. Moreover, our clients can engage us on either a short-term or long-term basis depending on their specific needs. Bottom line is, our highly experienced and specialized privacy lawyers increase efficiency by getting the job done better, faster, and cheaper.


Our attorneys provide the following services to our clients:

  • Counsel our clients on existing international and domestic privacy laws like the GDPR and CCPA/CPRA;
  • Monitor new privacy laws and advise our clients on compliance and related best practices;
  • Serve as subject matter experts (SME) regarding privacy regulations around the world, preparing your business for compliance with these rules;
  • Act as point of contact for privacy compliance obligations;
  • Draft, review, and negotiate privacy terms for commercial agreements, including those necessary for data processing under the GDPR;
  • Assist technology teams with responses to privacy incidents, including providing advice on regulatory and notification obligations;
  • Collaborate with teams to review privacy policies and create data protection impact assessments;
  • Serve as a point of escalation for privacy-related issues;
  • Implement privacy policies across business teams and units; and
  • Develop privacy training materials for various teams and promote privacy awareness.

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