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Advisori is a Managed Data Protection Service (MDPS) delivering end-to-end data protection office (DPO) functions as a service.

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What we do

Advisori is a Managed Data Protection Service (MDPS) delivering end-to-end data protection office (DPO) functions as a service. Our services are predicated on state-of-the-art PrivacyOps technologies and managed by our industry-leading privacy experts who have hands-on experience building and maintaining a world-class global data protection office.


Advisori was founded by a former Global Data Protection Officer who built and led the data protection office of a leading Fortune 500 hospitality company. Our team includes privacy lawyers and practitioners with specialties in data discovery; classification; mapping, and governance; data subject access request fulfillment; data privacy impact assessments; and Article 30 Records of Processing operations. We know how to build, operate, and maintain a global data protection office because we have done exactly that.


Through our real-world experiences, we have developed effective and actionable DPO playbooks, which empower us to design and deliver sophisticated and tailored services based on our clients’ specialized needs and budgets.


Our services are based on’s advanced PrivacyOps platform. Leveraging these advanced technical capabilities we are able to automate critical DPO functions to include: data discovery; classification, and mapping; consent management; data privacy impact assessments; and GDPR Article 30 Reporting.

By strategically aligning our people, processes, and technologies, we create custom-tailored data protection solutions for our clients, making their data protection offices better, faster, and more cost-effective.

Our Services

  • Privacy Program Assessments

    We assess existing data protection offices and privacy practices using the ISO 29100 (Privacy Framework) to identify any alignment gaps. From there, we create an itemized and prioritized action plan to move your organization towards compliance using a realistic and risk-based approach.

  • Data Discovery, Classification, and Cataloging Services

    Our data governance experts rely on AI-driven data discovery tools to search for, classify, and catalog personally identifiable information, both structured and unstructured, residing in the cloud or on-premises. By doing so, we provide our clients with a comprehensive and dynamic view of their PII across their landscape.

  • Data Subject Access Request Fulfillment

    Using our PII discovery technology and DSAR Robotic Automation, we provide end-to-end data subject access request fulfillment services, no matter the volume. We also provide on-demand reports including DSAR types; locations of origin; fulfillment response rates; and related DSAR trends and forecasting. By outsourcing the cumbersome data subject access request fulfillment obligation to us, our clients reduce the risk of untimely responses, data subject complaints, and data protection authority inquiries.

  • Data Mapping and Article 30 Design and Build

    Using our AI technologies and data discovery methods, we create data inventories of all personally identifiable information, which are then fed to our automated data flow mapping platform. Coupling the purpose and method of data processing, we develop an electronic and dynamic Record of Processing Activities for full regulatory compliance.

  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments

    Our technical experts have performed hundreds of PIAs and DPIAs. We can vet both your new and existing technologies and applications for privacy risks and further advise on remedial actions to ensure regulatory compliance. We further provide our clients with comprehensive reports to ensure accountability and demonstrate compliance with any required privacy standard or regulation.

Data Protection Office Design and Build

Based on the profile and resources of the business, our team of experts assesses the critical regulatory and data protection needs of our clients that are looking to establish or enhance an existing data protection office.

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Virtual Data Protection Office

For those businesses wishing to outsource their data protection office, we assess and identify all related regulatory needs and assign one of our highly experienced DPOs

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