Data Protection and Privacy Compliance.

At ADVISORI, we offer comprehensive and flexible data protection and privacy compliance consultancy services tailored to your business needs and budget.

Who We Are

Advisori is a collection of well-experienced data protection officers, privacy officer, and privacy counsel with a wealth of experience across various industries. We assess, design, and implement effective privacy programs, and offer legal counsel for all your privacy needs. Our professionals ensure compliance with data protection regulations, streamline data subject access requests, facilitate secure international data transfers, and create concise privacy notices and policies. We can also assess and mangage third-party vendors, coduct DPA negotiations, provide expert support, and monitor compliance for efficient and secure data protection. At Advisori, your privacy is our businss.

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Let’s Get to Work

Step 1

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Step 2 

Our specialists will learn your needs and your existing assets (people, processes and technologies).

Step 3 

Based on your needs and available assets, we will prepare a detailed and actional game plan. 

Step 4

We provide you with real-time key performance indicators to track our progress. 

Our Services

Article 30

Advisori ensures compliance with Article 30 of data protection regulations by providing comprehensive documentation of data processing activities.

Data Subject Access Requests

Advisori streamlines Data Subject Access Requests by providing efficient processes for collecting, reviewing and responding to such requests.

Privacy Notice and Policies

Advisori helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations by creating and maintaining clear and concise Privacy Notices and Policies for businesses.

Standard Contractual Clauses Remediation Services

Advisori professionals have deep experience assisting businesses with updating their outdated DPAs and Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure lawful cross-border data transfers.

Data Protection Agreement Negotiation Services

Advisori simplifies DPA negotiations, offering tailored templates, expert support, and compliance monitoring for efficient and secure data protection.

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