§ 7300. Sworn Complaints Filed with the Agency.


(a) Requirements for filing a sworn complaint. Sworn complaints may be filed with the Enforcement Division via the electronic complaint system available on the Agency’s website at https://cppa.ca.gov/ or submitted in person or by mail to the headquarters office of the Agency.

A complaint must:

(1) Identify the business, service provider, contractor, or person who allegedly violated the CCPA;

(2) State the facts that support each alleged violation and include any documents or other evidence supporting this conclusion;

(3) Authorize the alleged violator and the Agency to communicate regarding the complaint, including disclosing the complaint and any information relating to the complaint;

(4) Include the name and current contact information of the complainant; and

(5) Be signed and submitted under penalty of perjury.

(b) The Enforcement Division will notify the complainant in writing of the action, if any, the Agency has taken or plans to take on the complaint, together with the reasons for that action or nonaction. Duplicate complaints submitted by the same complainant may be rejected without notice.

Note: Authority cited: Section 1798.185, Civil Code. Reference: Section 1798.199.45, Civil Code.