§ 7003. Requirements for Disclosures and Communications to Consumers.

§ 7003. Requirements for Disclosures and Communications to Consumers.

(a)  Disclosures and communications to consumers shall be easy to read and understandable to consumers. For example, they shall use plain, straightforward language and avoid technical or legal jargon.

(b) Disclosures required under Article 2 shall also:

(1) Use a format that makes the disclosure readable, including on smaller screens, if applicable.

(2) Be available in the languages in which the business in its ordinary course provides contracts, disclaimers, sale announcements, and other information to consumers in California.

(3) Be reasonably accessible to consumers with disabilities. For notices provided online, the business shall follow generally recognized industry standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.1 of June 5, 2018, from the World Wide Web Consortium, incorporated herein by In other contexts, the business shall provide information on how a consumer with a disability may access the policy in an alternative format.

(c)  For websites, a conspicuous link required under the CCPA or these regulations shall appear in a similar manner as other similarly-posted links used by the business on its homepage(s). For example, the business shall use a font size and color that is at least the approximate size or color as other links next to it that are used by the business on its homepage(s).

(d)  For mobile applications, a conspicuous link shall be included in the business’s privacy policy, which must be accessible through the mobile application’s platform page or download It may also be accessible through a link within the application, such as through the application’s settings menu.


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