1. In addition to any other available remedies, the agency may bring a civil action and obtain a judgment in superior court for the purpose of collecting any unpaid administrative fines imposed pursuant to this title after exhaustion of judicial review of the agency’s action. The action may be filed as a small claims, limited civil, or unlimited civil case depending on the jurisdictional amount. The venue for this action shall be in the county where the administrative fines were imposed by the agency. In order to obtain a judgment in a proceeding under this section, the agency shall show, following the procedures and rules of evidence as applied in ordinary civil actions, all of the following:
    1. That the administrative fines were imposed following the procedures set forth in this title and implementing regulations.
    2. That the defendant or defendants in the action were notified, by actual or constructive notice, of the imposition of the administrative fines.
    3. That a demand for payment has been made by the agency and full payment has not been received.
  2. A civil action brought pursuant to subdivision (a) shall be commenced within four years after the date on which the administrative fines were imposed.

(Added November 3, 2020, by initiative Proposition 24, Sec. 24.14. Effective December 16, 2020. Operative December 16, 2020, pursuant to Sec. 31 of Proposition 24.)