1. When the agency determines there is probable cause for believing this title has been violated, it shall hold a hearing to determine if a violation has or violations have occurred. Notice shall be given and the hearing conducted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 11500), Part 1, Division 3, Title 2, Government Code). The agency shall have all the powers granted by that chapter. If the agency determines on the basis of the hearing conducted pursuant to this subdivision that a violation or violations have occurred, it shall issue an order that may require the violator to do all or any of the following:
    1. Cease and desist violation of this title.
    2. Subject to Section 1798.155, pay an administrative fine of up to two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for each violation, or up to seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) for each intentional violation and each violation involving the personal information of minor consumers to the Consumer Privacy Fund within the General Fund of the state. When the agency determines that no violation has occurred, it shall publish a declaration so stating.
  2. If two or more persons are responsible for any violation or violations, they shall be jointly and severally liable.

(Added November 3, 2020, by initiative Proposition 24, Sec. 24.10. Effective December 16, 2020. Operative December 16, 2020, pursuant to Sec. 31 of Proposition 24.)