1. Upon the sworn complaint of any person or on its own initiative, the agency may investigate possible violations of this title relating to any business, service provider, contractor, or person. The agency may decide not to investigate a complaint or decide to provide a business with a time period to cure the alleged violation. In making a decision not to investigate or provide more time to cure, the agency may consider the following:
  2. (1) Lack of intent to violate this title.
    1. Voluntary efforts undertaken by the business, service provider, contractor, or person to cure the alleged violation prior to being notified by the agency of the complaint.
  3. The agency shall notify in writing the person who made the complaint of the action, if any, the agency has taken or plans to take on the complaint, together with the reasons for that action or nonaction.

(Added November 3, 2020, by initiative Proposition 24, Sec. 24.8. Effective December 16, 2020. Operative December 16, 2020, pursuant to Sec. 31 of Proposition 24.)